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Who is be unlimited

Be Unlimited is a non-denominational, independent and Switzerland-wide recognised non-profit organisation based in Switzerland that works locally, nationally and internationally for people in need or in difficult situations.

The path to a perceived normalcy after sexual abuse is often long and difficult. When the pressure becomes too great and nothing can be done, be Unlimited has made it its mission to be there for people in challenging life situations.

Shocking truth

Every year, up to 4,000 sexual offences against children and adolescents are reported in Switzerland. However, the undead figure is far higher than that.
A study by the University of Zurich reveals these frightening figures.
There are many reasons for this high figure: The perpetrators threaten their victims, intimidate them. And according to Maier, they’re trying to cover up their actions. Among the victims, it is “mostly also feelings of shame. Or they might not be able to contact us because the children are often still too young


Experience gives an insight into what sexual abuse can look like, how painful it is, and what emotions and feelings it allows an affected person to stand in life. But time and again there are also experiences that give us hope in our work. We don’t want to keep this HOPE from you

Care Number

“When it happens, we’re there: Our “Kummer” number offers help to children and young people who are affected by sexual abuse by phone 365 days a year 24 hours a day.


Care Number 0800 66 99 11

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