KHBF Collection

Our Mission

Change the world in small steps.


This is exactly what we are doing with our products. Who does not love wearing stylish accessoires? But what if you could combine that with a good deed?

How it works

If you buy a product on our website, 20% of the purchasing price will go straight to a donations account.


With that money we organize various events to support victims of bullying and kids or teenagers with ADHD/ADD. Or we pass on donations to cancer research for example. The scope is huge and we will continue to inform you about upcoming projects.


Help us to help

Here we inform you about upcoming events


Impressions from our Danceworkshop from February 9th, 2019, you can find in the Gallery

Donations to Touch

Clothes with heart

If you buy a product, we donate 20% to projects for Children

Together we would like to address ADHD/ADD, bullying, illnesses and many other topics with various events such as dancing or even just a simple getting together for the children.
With the purchase of our products and your donations you are helping us to fulfill all of this. And most importantly you put a smile on children's faces


Our motto