About us and our Vision

From friendship to passion. A passion for, making children and teens laugh and have a good time, even if they are struggling with some bad things, or having a hard time.  A passion for let them forget their  worries for a few hours and make them smile.


Having extensively thought about it we now decided to start our joint project

A matter of heart and soul


We hope for your support


Our device:

Try it

Do it 

Love it

Kids have so many things going on in their lives. A safe and happy childhood, isn't that the most valuable thing a human beeing can have? Not all of the children do. Some of them are struggling with health issues. Some of them live in fear. There are a lot of organisations who help for these cases. Can we help enought? What about the kids an tenns in school who are being bullied? And those who struggle with the people who judgge them for ahving ADHD? Just to name a few...

Let's help them to have a wonderful childhood an let's help them to make the world a better place.

Children are our future